AERIA is the appliance that washes the air
AERIA is the appliance that washes the air

A work environment with air so clean “you can feel it”

AERIA the appliance that washes the air

Don’t just settle for a filter. AERIA uses water to produce air that’s perfectly clean, leaving your work environment healthy and ideal for living.

Breathe clean air

  Improves the air you breathe

Leaves air so clean and healthy "you can feel it", improving the quality of your work environment

  Humidifies your environment

Creates ideal humidity for you to enjoy a perfectly salubrious environment

  Eliminates pollutants

Purifies the air thanks to its innovative laminar water flow system

Air so clean “you can feel it”

Discover AERIA: the laminar water flow system.

Inspired by rainfall

AERIA uses a system that’s the only one of its kind in the world: the laminar water flow system

The laminar water flow system

The polluted air is sucked up at different heights from floor level to capture as many particulates as possible.

The cleaned air is circulated in all directions for perfectly even airflow.

  • The polluted air passes through the laminar water flow system.
  • The water captures the impurities and deposits them into a storage tank.
  • The purified water is then recirculated and the purified air is released into the environment.
  • The air you breathe has a freshness to it you’ll have never experienced before.
  • No special waste is produced: the sediment is disposed of into the waste water.

Don’t settle for filtered air

The laminar water flow system is effective, patented, and the only one of its kind in the world.

AERIA totally renews the air you breathe and provides a sensation of freshness you’ll have never experienced before.

Breathe clean air

Designed for work environments and meeting spaces

Professional performance and minimalist design. It lends itself perfectly to all work environments and meeting spaces to provide a unique sensation of freshness.

Offices and Consulting Rooms

Provides a constant flow of purified air, eliminating allergens, fine particulates, dust and bacteria. You can also create scented air by adding essences.

Clean air in Offices and Consulting Rooms
Clean air in Waiting Rooms

Waiting Rooms

Makes waiting and moving around your premises a pleasurable experience for your clients. Eliminates viruses, bacteria, odours and dust in communal areas.

Laboratories And Medical Practices

Reduces the risk of infection, destroying viruses, bacteria, mould and eliminating allergens and odours in waiting areas and where people move about.

Clean air in Laboratories And Medical Practices
Clean air in Production Area

Production Areas

Eliminates dust, bad smells and potentially toxic substances from work environments, so improving conditions and productivity.

Schools and Lecture Rooms

Creates salubrious and clean areas all year round for classrooms, refectories and corridors, preventing the spread of illnesses and viruses, as well as bacteria, dust and allergens.

Clean air in schools
Clean air in your premises

Your Premises

There’s no limit to where AERIA: can be used in a business setting: whatever your sector, we provide your clients and staff with healthy, purified air.

Medical practices, laboratories, schools, hospitals, offices, gyms, waiting rooms - there’s nowhere the purifying capabilities of AERIA.

Whatever your sector, breathe new life into your business and treat everyone to a new breathing experience “you can feel”

Breathe clean air

Certified, award-winning efficacy

AERIA purifies the air effectively, eliminating solid pollutants, fibres, animal hair, pollen, spores, mites, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and fine particulates of any size, even micro particles under PM1 or 1 μm.

Cleans the air of PM1

Nano powders
PM 1

Cleans the air of PM2.5

Fine particulate matter
PM 2.5

Cleans the air of bacteria and PM5

Bacteria and spores
PM 5

Cleans the air of pollen

PM 10

Cleans the air of macro powders

Macro powders
PM 70

Cleans the air of hair and animal hair

Hair and animal hair

Cleans the air of fumes and gas

Fumes and gas

Cleans the air of viruses and flu

Coronavirus and flu

AERIA has has been certified to reduce micro particles smaller than PM 2.5 by 99.9% 
by the AC&E and INNOVHUB laboratories

AERIA won the award for best innovative technology for the improvement of air quality and the fight against Covid-19 within the POR FESR 2014-2020 Emilia Romagna public competition for innovative start-ups.

Tests carried out in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia UNIMORE, have certified AERIA’s efficacy against bacteria and coronavirus.

Certified, award-winning efficacy of AERIA

Real-Time Monitoring

Provides exact information on air quality, dust density and humidity levels at a glance from your mobile phone or PC.

Mobile app for air quality control
Continuous-Cycle Purification air with ozone

Continuous-Cycle Purification

The innovative AERIA system is equipped with a continuous-cycle setting for use round the clock, without the need for supervision.

Patented O3 application

Integrated optional extra that sanitises surfaces through the emission of O3 for areas that must be sanitised regularly in the absence of people. The combined action of H2O+O3 drastically reduces sanitising times.

Effective against viruses and bacteria

In particularly difficult circumstances, purification can be boosted by environmentally friendly solutions or by products approved for surgical environments.

The Emilia Romagna Region awarded AERIA the prize for best innovative technology for the improvement of air quality and the fight against Covid-19.

Effective against viruses and bacteria

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Don’t miss the chance to offer your clients and staff a whole new breathing experience: clean air so clean you can feel it.

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Don’t just settle for filtered air, AERIA is much, much more!
Aeria a cascade of water that cleans the air

AERIA uses the innovative laminar water flow system: a cascade of water that cleans the air.
Compare it to other alternative technologies:


HEPA filter with activated charcoal

  • Removes up to 99.5%  of particulates
  • Absorbs odours, gases and chemical substances
  • Removes tobacco smoke
  • Requires frequent replacement
  • Performance declines rapidly
  • Creates special waste product

Electrostatic filters and Ionisers

  • Does not require replacement (only filters need replacing)
  • Emits negative ions into the environment, good for health
  • Removes only 30% of particulates in the air
  • Does not purify all the air in a closed environment
  • Does not capture odours and smoke